Perfect competition versus monopoly essays

By the criteria of workable competition, a purely rational society would presumably favour industries with moderate to low seller concentration and moderate to low barriers to entry and without extreme product differentiation—all this from the standpoint of enhancing overall material welfare.

This is for the reason that, the AR curve is horizontal to the X axis. Under imperfect competition, all the firms produce differentiated products and the cross elasticity of demand among them is very small. As the factors mentioned above, a monopoly is less favoured to customers for pricing and quality of the output, compared to a perfect competition.

Perfect Competition Vs Monopoly

Please support your explanations with diagrams too 7. Because of the high degrees in competition, it helps resources to be distrubuted to the most efficient user. Monopolies, who are able to exert influence or control over the price and market supply, will have numbers of disadvantages for consumers.

The limits of such an approximation are of course debatable, and so the idea of workable competition must remain elusive because it is basically subjective.

Under perfect competition price is equal to marginal cost as well as marginal revenue whereas under imperfect competition it is not so. When the entry of other sellers is blockaded, collusive or interdependent behaviour may lead to a full monopoly price. Since the firms are few in number, they have control over the prices of their products.

This makes the consumers lose their surplus and thus it makes the economy lose its efficiency.

The Major Similarities and Dissimilarities between Monopoly and Monopolistic Competi­tion

It is thus apparent that the producers rely on the market to know how to price their products since poor pricing decisions will make the producer lose revenue in terms of market share or unreasonably low prices.

As there are no barriers to entry in a perfectly competitive industry, the perfect knowledge will allow other firms in other industries to see that abnormal profits can be made in this industry, and they will move into it. Patents or copyrights can cause monopolies. The price at which a firm sells its products is a great determinant of profit.

Whether a business is operating under a perfect competitive market, a monopoly market or a perfect competitive market, the business should strive to maximize its profits by determining prices that would help them achieve profit maximization and determining the level of output that helps them achieve profit maximization Wells,p.

Maximizing profits in market structures

It, therefore, follows that, to maximize profits, a profit maximizing price has to be determined. Product differentiation The structure of a market is also affected by the extent to which those who buy from it prefer some products to others.

This ensures that firms are not adversely affected by counterfeiting. This compromises consumer surplus in other goods. The consumer has been able to get what he deserves rather than a system called Windows which constantly requires him to reboot his computer.

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Under monopolistic competition price is higher than price under perfect competition in long period because a perfect competition firm extends output up to the point where average cost is lowest i.

In some cases, notably in agriculture, government has intervened to restrict supply or raise prices. On the other hand, oligopoly markets have a very significant role in protecting industries in which price wars could be very destructive.

Correspondingly, his rivals will determine their reactions in the light of their conjectures about what seller A will do in response.

Is Apple Inc. Perfect Competition or a Monopoly?

They are diverse in the form, in the design, in the colour, in the flavour, packing etc. Since then, Ambassador has been discontinued and Lifebuoy has lost a considerable amount of its market share and has gone over several makeovers. Thus in a monopoly, the industry is just one enterprise.

For an oligopoly to be found illegal, one or more firms must demonstrate intent to corner a market using anti-competitive practices. Monopoly On the opposite end of the scale, we have the market structure of a monopoly, one producer.

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Monopolistic competition may, like perfect competition, include industries that are afflicted with destructive competition. The examples of process essay topics.

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Monopolistic Competition vs Monopoly Monopoly and Monopolistic competition describe market situations, which are quite distinct to each other in terms of the level of competition, level of market power, types of products sold, and pricing structure.

May 07,  · 3. Distinguish between market structures e.g. perfect competition vs. monopoly or perfect competition vs. oligopoly etc in terms of pricing, output, barriers, products, productive efficiency, allocative efficiency and others. In an oligopoly the output corresponding to the equality of marginal revenue and marginal cost is the one that achieves profit maximization.

In a monopoly the output at which marginal cost equals marginal revenue is the one that achieves profit maximization (Perlman,p. 1). In perfect competition, there are usually no barriers to entry.

Start studying Perfect competition and monopoly. Learn vocabulary, terms, and more with flashcards, games, and other study tools. "Discuss and evaluate the proposition that perfect competition is a more efficient market structure than monopoly.". Adam Smith said that competitive forces function like an "invisible hand" to ensure that people pursuing individual interests simultaneously serve interest of society/5(20).

Competition Vs. Monopoly Essay Words | 4 Pages. 1. Analyze the fast food industry from the point of view of perfect competition. Include the concepts of elasticity, utility, costs, and market structure to explain the prices charged by fast food retailers.

Perfect competition versus monopoly essays
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